I Want Honest Feedback — But Not Really

It’s considered mature and forward-thinking to ask for feedback. But I have no idea who’s actually doing it, because it’s sure not me or my friends.

When Hoping Hurts

Can I maintain hope for marriage? Is it worth the cost?

A New Way to Work

Finding freedom at work can seem like an impossible dream, but there are plenty of places to make your mark.

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woman holding money

Why Millennials and Gen Z Should Financially Invest

Investing is confusing and can be risky. But we gain so much by stepping into these new experiences, and our economy is improved by our participation.

man working on computer with sunset in background

How to Freelance Without Being Selfish

As more and more of us work this way, we need to fight the urge to listen to our self-centered culture that tempts us to make freelancing “all about me.”

people working at computer

Good News About Work

If work is a gift, I am called to receive it with thanks regardless of how satisfied I feel at the moment.

woman college graduate

I Graduated…Now What?

Turns out, God used my college education to equip me for the work He’s called me to.

Man with a suit

Giving God Control of My Career

Do your job well. And then, when you’ve done all you can do, let go.